Prometheus (Single)

by Tapinoma Say

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Recording, mixing and mastering by Dmitriy Kozlov in DKrecordz

Cover by Tapinoma Say.


released June 26, 2013





all rights reserved


Tapinoma Say город Красноярск, Russian Federation

The band was formed in spring 2010 in Russia.

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Track Name: History Is Written With Blood
What do you want to change,
If you can not go beyond the threshold.
Heat, rain,
wicked truth, lies ...
And everything scares,
But life has its time

They have, perhaps this isn't given to me?
You're so decided, but continues to hope for God
Without opening the shutters, you spit in your window,
But look into the open, there need your help

Be those who couldn't care
For at least about yourself

We're all creators of our history
Write, shed blood
Until you'll breathe one's last

It is too early to put an end
The epilogue has not come yet

History is written only with blood
Track Name: Prometheus
On the rock like a dog chain,
confined and rejected,
Punished is not destiny,
Defeated by a stranger fear.

Fear of those who wish to cut short the justice like sound on his lips
It was necessary to hide, imprison and cause suffering

And every day
He could only have a fear of
And lose once again

Also, as we are - pasted mouths
Thousands years have passed, but nothing has changed

The wings flew over the range
To take the prey again
Court to punish dishonest
Someone who help

There will come the hour when the wings of those who bite us will burn
And everyone will be able to shout

You have no power to frighten
Have no power to be silent
Have no right to be here
And You have no right to live

There will come a time!